Cupidolls Perfume & Hats

Orderite Cupidolls is an importer of aromatic essential oils of French origin. Our factory blends and process these components in South Africa to create fragrances of an exquisite nature. Our Skin Care products have been carefully formulated with unique natural raw materials in order to give exceptional results on the skin. Extensive tests have been carried out to ensure these products are of the highest standard.

Cupidolls manufactures two different concentrations of perfume which also have two price ranges to best suit your budget.

The first option is the Top Level of Super Concentrated Perfume with a lasting power of 6 – 12 hours and longer, at R220 per bottle presented in a beautiful box. The second option is their Economical Range with a lasting power of 5 – 9 hours, at R70 per bottle.

Cupidolls also allows their customers to make money as we have adjusted our price list for the benefit of consumers to be able to resell! Our loyal customers will also receive 1 FREE perfume for every 10 bottles you buy!

With 75 different perfumes to choose from and a specially formulated skin care range, you can’t go wrong when choosing Cupidolls!