Melody's Wool Shoppee

At Melody's Wool Shoppee we keep a basic but well-stocked range of knitting needles, crochet hooks and general accessories that complement the knitting industry.

We pride ourselves in our wide variety of exciting and trendy knitting yarns, sourced both locally and from around the world. Knitting and needlecraft have entered a new dimension of fun and vibrancy and we want to enable you to become part of this world!.

Customer satisfaction and peace of mind is key to our approach. Our very experienced buyer selects each product carefully to ensure quality and availability, while focusing on bringing as wide a selection of the latest products as possible to your doorstep.

We stock most locally produced yarns, complemented by fashionable and exciting imported yarns. To enable you to complete your needlecraft projects hassle free, we also stock patterns, knitting needles and other knitting accessories in a wide price range, making us your one-stop-shop.

Come visit our shop today as we promise not to disappoint you!